• Online Tracking of Missing Assignments
    • All teachers can easily access missing assignments to keep students on task.
    • Reports are easily generated to send to parents by mail, email, or hand.
    • Instantly updated if assignment is completed.
  • Easy Collaboration Among Staff
    • Faculty keep a student on task even though they are finished with the material in their class.
    • No time is wasted by a student going to another room to check for an assignment.
  • Mark Assignments Complete
    • One click allows teachers to remove assignments from reports once completed.
  • Intervention Study Hall Reports
    • Up-to-the-second list to determine who needs to be in an intervention.
    • All teachers can easily access the list to notify students.
  • Easy Parent Communication
    • Emails are generated to automatically notify parents without extra time or work.
    • Letters are generated to send home to parents and created automatically. You just have to print them.
  • Reports Generated to Mail Home
  • Emails Automatically Generated and Sent
  • Text Messages Automatically Generated and Sent
  • Customized to Meet School Needs
    • Reports are customized to meet your exact needs.
    • Can be changed within minutes to hours if you change your policy or decide if you want something new.
    • Many customized ways of tracking students and missing assignments.
  • Saves Time and Money
    • No more use of paper to track these assignments.
    • No more time spent generating reports by typing them.
    • No more messy spreadsheets that can only be updated by 1 person at a time.
  • Holds Students Accountable
    • Keep students informed of work that needs to be completed.
    • Everybody is involved in the process to keep the student focused on staying on course.
  • Easy and Quick to Use
    • Efficient and user friendly
    • Easy to set-up and get started
    • Save time and money



If your school would like to see the number of failing grades reduce drastically by easily tracking missing/low quality assignments.

If you would like your school's faculty to have the ability to collaborate to get assignments turned in.

If your school pays a sub or has faculty spending extra hours organizing intervention.

If your school is adding an extra hour to the school day and you need ideas for an easy and efficient intervention or study hall time period.

If your school has intervention, study hall, ISSs, or even detentions where students aren't working efficiently due to lack of information or because the student "doesn't know" what they need to be doing.

If you have other data organizing needs that you would like customized to your school.


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