• "This is exactly what we needed to track our missing assignments for our intervention period. We've been doing it the hard way before, now it's much easier."
    - Intervention Coordinator
  • "I now have easy access to the work I need for the students in ISS. It's easy what work a student is missing instantly."
    - ISS Room Supervisor
  • "It's easy to enter assignments and you can inform parents before they are even graded. It holds students accountable and is very efficient."
    - Teacher
  • "This is an awesome communication tool for parents. It helps parents be more proactive and prevent small problems from becoming big ones."
    - Parent
  • "I am sure I could speak for all of my staff when I say that Gradewatch has more efficiently helped us deal with the missing homework tracking and communication to students and parents. I have had parents make very positive comments about the email notifications that they get before the students get home. All in all, I would recommend this to anyone that has or is considering a RTI-type model that they currently or considering using. I would be more than happy to sit down with any school personnel and answer any questions."
    - Principal
  • "The best thing is efficiency. GradeWatch has saved us a lot of time and simplified the whole intervention process. Before GradeWatch we hired a full-time sub (along with administrator's time) to gather and organize missing assignments. This is now automated, much more organized, updated instantly, and saves us time and money. We love it here. It's easy to learn and fast to use."
    - Counselor
  • "I can look at GradeWatch and easily see what assignments I can talk to students specifically about. All teachers can easily do this to help show students they care and to keep them working hard."
    - Principal
  • "When a student comes in to talk, I can easily view reports and tell them what they need to do. GradeWatch is very convenient helps me keep all students headed in the right direction."
    - Counselor
  • "GradeWatch shows real-time data that is easy to acquire. It's not complicated at all, and the organization of information is incredible."
    - Principal
  • "I love GradeWatch it has saved me a TON of work!!"
    - Secretary




If your school would like to see the number of failing grades reduce drastically by easily tracking missing/low quality assignments.

If you would like your school's faculty to have the ability to collaborate to get assignments turned in.

If your school pays a sub or has faculty spending extra hours organizing intervention.

If your school is adding an extra hour to the school day and you need ideas for an easy and efficient intervention or study hall time period.

If your school has intervention, study hall, ISSs, or even detentions where students aren't working efficiently due to lack of information or because the student "doesn't know" what they need to be doing.

If you have other data organizing needs that you would like customized to your school.


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